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          About Us
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          Nanjing Port-Machinery &Heavy-Industry Manufacture Co., Ltd

          Current position: Home / About Us / 公司简介

          Nanjing Port-Machinery &Heavy-Industry Manufacture Co., Ltd (originally Nanjing Port Machinery Plant) is a state-owned enterprise which specializes in design, manufacture, installation, modification, maintenance &repair of large port machinery products. It has rich experience in providing solutions to port handling services since 1958,governed by Ministry of Transport of P.R.C. It is the largest manufacturer of level luffing crane in China. Product range covers various level luffing portal crane for handling 10t-60t bulk cargo, portal crane with hopper, STS, gantry crane, CSU, ship loader, bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer, RTG, etc. We also can design special crane to meet the customers needs. Our products are well received in China's many ports along seas and rivers. Overseas marketing network has covered Indonesia, Bangladesh, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Belgium,Cambodia, Philippines and Burma. Especially many cranes have been operating among Port of Pangkal Balam, Port of Jambi, Port of Panjang, Port of Palembang, Port of Pontianak, Sulawesi Island and Dumai SDS in Indonesiasince 2010.

          Nowadays, we have established cooperative ties with customers from South America, Africa and Central America. In the future, with advanced technology, satisfactory service and first-class reputation, NPHMC will continue to providehigh-quality products wholeheartedly and achieve mutual development with customers at home and abroad.